Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at Salahaddin Holding plays a pivotal role as improved practices are key to create new investments and ultimately to stimulate social welfare and economic growth. Effective governance means communication channels between shareholders and managers are clear and well-established, strategic directions are well thought of, and risk management measures are in place. Our implementation of good corporate governance has allowed us to grow stronger and withstand any crises.

T r a n s p a r e n c y

Openness and accountability at its best

Trust is the foundation of Salahaddin Holding; we trust in the ability of Iraqis to transform the country into a regional and international economic hub. Salahaddin builds upon this trust by fostering a professional environment, while ensuring its own growth is in accordance with the latest best practices, remaining accountable to the Iraqi people and its shareholders.

T e a m w o r k

Moving forward together

The human element is the most vital ingredient in Salahaddin’s success. With a vast professional team comprising over 2000 innovative, qualified, passionate and driven individuals, Salahaddin has been a model corporate community through which core Iraqi values of brotherhood and partnership are disseminated. This highly productive team spirit is continuously advanced through routine training, workshops and evaluations.


Q u a l i t y

It’s not an aim, it’s a habit

Excellence is not merely a standard to which Salahaddin aspires; excellence is the only standard. Salahaddin accepts nothing less than the highest caliber of quality products and services, cultivated by outstanding expertise and delivered with utmost professionalism. Through its well-developed quality assurance systems, Salahaddin has been able to maintain a vigilant eye on the structures, procedures, processes and resources of every one of its investments. Further, Salahaddin guarantees uniformity of its deliverables by its strict adherence to international standards, and has obtained number of certifications to demonstrate this supreme attention to quality management and overall excellence.

S o c i a l   R e s p o n s i b i l i t y

We put Iraqis’ welfare first

Our firm commitment to the Iraqi people has led to the evolution and implementation of sound and socially responsible strategies for Iraqi growth. Salahaddin prides itself on using effective approaches that empower Iraqi communities. Salahaddin celebrates the region’s diversity while simultaneously boosting a sense of national solidarity towards the development of a brighter future for all of Iraq. Salahaddin strives to serve as a regional example for good corporate citizenship by actively contributing and participating in community development, promoting community service amongst its employees, and supporting sustainable development at every opportunity. In addition, the employment opportunities within Salahaddin and its various holdings allow for the nurturing of local talent, stimulating professional growth for and withinthe Iraq community.